Bullet-hell FPS Hyper Demon is like staring point-blank into an eldritch stargate

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Werewolves will prowl the island of Fortnite.

Werewolves will begin to prowl about Fortnite when the Fortnitemare event launches in-game on Tuesday. Epic Games first revealed the launch date on October 1, but we now have further information: Fortnite players will be able to shift into werewolves.

The new werewolf powers that are “bestowed” onto Fortnite players when they visit Reality Tree’s Alteration Altars will be the event’s main lure; there’s an emote there, Ritual Emote, that’ll give up Howler Claws that unlock new, werewolf-y skills.

Epic Games has something to say about them:

Wolfscent Power

Howl using the Howler Claws to activate the Wolfscent Ability, which lasts for a short period before going on cooldown. The Wolfscent Ability grants you tracking vision, allowing you to repeatedly label foes in a surrounding radius. If there are no foes within the radius, the Wolfscent Ability will go into cooldown instantly.

(Do you think you’re being followed by tracking vision? Your sixth sense will alert you with an audible heartbeat, which will get more loud as your hunter approaches…)

Slashing Power

Of course, equipping the Howler Claws grants you… claws. These claws, however, are more than simply razor-sharp fingernails. Show no restraint while using the Slash Ability and launch a four-combo melee assault.

Air Slashing Capability

You may also air slash thanks to your claws. Perform a double-jump using the Air Slash Ability to inflict damage on opponents upon landing.

Epic is also launching a limited-time mode called Zero Build Horde Rush as part of the Fortnitemare event. Horde Rush is a cooperative game in which players must remove a succession of AI foes. Zero Build simply implies that there is no constructing – one of Fortnite’s distinguishing characteristics, but one that many new players find intimidating. Epic claims Zero Build Horde Mode will be available “for a short period” after November 1st.

Fortnitemares will also contain new XP tasks, such as the emote ritual at the aforementioned altars, visiting specific frightening locales, and utilizing consumables such as sweets. Epic Games has announced that two Fortnitemare tasks will be accessible throughout the 14-day event. Here’s all you need to do to get your hands on the new rewards:

Complete five Fortnitemares tasks to get Everything’s End Glider.
Complete 13 Fortnitemares tasks to get the Chrome Cage Back Bling.
Complete 25 Fortnitemares tasks to get the Unmaker Pickaxe.

Pinpricks of light trail and curve sideways across the screen with every well-timed dodge and sprint, as if I’m barely skirting the rim of a black hole, less than a hair’s width away from being pulled over its event horizon. Every successful kill, every second gained, is exhilarating. That’s not even getting into the game’s final boss fight. Yes, Hyper Demon does have a “end.” But whether you survive long enough to see it is completely up on your intellect, response quickness, and tolerance for retina-searing torture.

As beholden to the bones and basics of Devil Daggers as the game is, Hyper Demon looks and plays like nothing else I’ve seen in 2022. In a year full of twitch shooters like Neon White and Metal: Hellsinger, Hyper Demon reigns supreme as the ultimate bullet-hell shooter.

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